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The California Department of Technology (CDT) is committed to improving the way Agencies/state entities acquire, build, and deliver information technology (IT) solutions to better support an efficient, effective public experience with government programs.[1] is California’s repository of open source produced by State agencies, departments and partners.  This site is an enterprise code inventory that lists custom-developed code from state entities to support state government-wide reuse and encourage public collaboration.  All code is referenced as links to repositories.  Where possible, descriptions of code repositories and whether the code is a copy (fork) of another organization’s code is indicated.

The California Department of Technology (CDT) has issued Technology Letter (TL) 18-02 to encourage Agency/state entities to share new source code, which has been custom-developed by the State of California, be broadly available for reuse across state government in a consistent manner. Enhanced reuse of custom-developed code across state government can have significant benefits for taxpayers, including decreasing duplicative costs for the same code and reducing vendor lock-in.  Additionally, this policy establishes, CDT’s public code repository to host custom-developed source code and share this information with other Agencies/state entities. This collaborative atmosphere can make it easier to conduct software peer review and security testing, to reuse existing solutions, and to share technical knowledge.

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