Create Agency/State Entity Code Repository in GitHub
GitHub provides Agencies/state entities a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration.  GitHub is an easy way to create public and private code repositories and provide access to the open source code of all who have chosen to share.

GitHub provides several guides to assist in creating a repository:

Note:  Agency/state entities must not post application program interface (API) keys and ensure secure ownership of access credentials.


Designate Agency/State Entity GitHub Administrator
Agency/state entities must designate a GitHub Administrator (primary and alternate) to access and maintain their GitHub source code repository. Each GitHub Administrator must maintain a departmental log-in credential (username, password).  The Agency/state GitHub Administrator has the ability to grant permissions to other GitHub users.  Any GitHub user that has been granted permissions to the GitHub source repository must be employed by the Agency/ state Entity or contracted by the Agency/state entity.

GitHub Administrator Username should be a generic representation of the Agency/ state entity, not a specific employee (i.e., CADeptofTechnology, CAFranchiseTaxBoard).


Linking Agency/State Entity GitHub Accounts to
Complete the “Share Code” form.  After the form is received you will be sent an email within five (5) business days.

Once your GitHub repositories are listed on the site, the projects will be easily discoverable for other users to fork (copy) and use.